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Classification of reaction to fire of construction materials

Building authority designation Additional requirements European class according to DIN EN 13501-1 Construction material class according to DIN 4102-1
No smoke No flaming droplets/ particles Construction products, except for linear pipe insulation materials Linear pipe insulation materials
Non-flammable X X A1 A1 A1
A2 - s1 d0 A2LL - s1 d0 A2
Flammable Flame retardant X X B - s1 d0
C - s1 d0
BL - s1 d0
CL - s1 d0
X A2 - s2 d0
A2 - s3 d0
B - s2 d0
B - s3 d0
C - s2 d0
C - s3 d0
A2L - s2 d0
A2L - s3 d0
BL - s2 d0
BL - s3 d0
CL - s2 d0
CL - s3 d0
X A2 - s1 d1
A2 - s1 d2
B - s1 d1
B - s1 d2
C - s1 d1
C - s1 d2
A2L - s1 d1
A2L - s1 d2
BL - s1 d1
BL - s1 d2
CL - s1 d1
CL - s1 d2
A2 - s3 d2
B - s3 d2
C - s3 d2
A2L - s3 d2
BL - s3 d2
CL - s3 d2
Normal flammability X D - s1 d0
D - s2 d0
D - s3 d0
DL - s1 d0
DL - s2 d0
DL - s3 d0
D - s1 d1
D - s2 d1
D - s3 d1
D - s1 d2
D - s2 d2
D - s3 d2
DL - s1 d1
DL - s2 d1
DL - s3 d1
DL - s1 d2
DL - s2 d2
DL - s3 d2
E - d2 EL - d2
Highly flammable* F FL B3
* According to the State Construction Ordinance, highly flammable construction materials may not be used.

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