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Manufacture of Mineral Wool

A look behind the scenes


The production of our mineral wool products which are made of glass and rock wool is very similiar: from melting of the raw material to the fiber structure of the insulation materials. By centrifugal and by blowing process fibers are produced which are - while adding organic plastic resins - felted and formed into insulation products. In addition to the natural binder small amounts of mineral oil are added to bind the dust.

Production of Rock Mineral Wool

Raw materials for Rock Wool fibers

  • Spat, dolomite, basalt, diabas, anorthosite and recycled material
  • Koks
  • 0,5 – 7 % binder
  • approx. 0,5 % mineral oil

Production of Glass Mineral Wool

Raw materials Glass Wool fibers

  • Up to 70 % recycled glass
  • Sand
  • Limestone
  • Soda
  • 0,5 – 7 % binder
  • approx. 0,5 % mineral oil

Advantages of Mineral Wool