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Sound insulation

The world is getting noisier


Optimally insulated for greater comfort

We are affected by noise throughout the day, and often this cannot be avoided.

However, with the right insulation, noise emissions can be reduced and the quality of life in living and work areas can be considerably improved.

With their open pore fibre structure, our Mineral Wool products provide the ideal conditions for absorption and regulation of noise and are therefore ideally suited for comprehensive sound insulation.

Knauf Insulation Sound-teK Products

  • Sound-teK WBD

    Glas veil facing More
  • Sound-teK VWD

    Glas fleece facing More
  • Sound-teK VED

    ECOSE facing More

Know how

Perception and impact of sound noise

Sound characteristics

Sound noise are described by mechancial vibrations and waves. The extenstion of sound in the air is described as airborne noise, the one in solid material solid-borne noise. In a vacuum there is no sound transmission possible.

Advantages of Mineral Wool