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Thermo-teK BD 035 VBS

Heat Insulation for Ventilation Ducts

Thermo-teK BD 035 VBS
  • Thermo-teK BD 035 VBS
  • Thermo-teK BD 035 VBS

Thermo-teK BD is a mineral wool insulation board with formaldehyde-free binder and glass fleece, glass fabric or aluminium lamination on one side.



Attributes / Features

  • Optimised sound insulation
  • Very good heat insulation
  • ECOSE Technology
  • Non combustible
  • Hydrophob
  • Inherently stable
  • Age resistant

Scope of application

The product is recommended for thermal, fire and sound insulation of the defined applications within technical insulation.

  • Encasings
  • Rectangular air ducts


Thermo-teK BD is a mineral wool insulation board with a one-sided lamination. It is available with various surfaces (glass fleece, glass fabric or aluminium), according to the application. The insulation boards have received the "Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold" award in recognition of the formaldehyde-free ECOSE binder technology used in their manufacturing process. Their use ensures a better room atmosphere while also making handling considerably more comfortable.


Description Issue Document type
SDS MW ECOSE 12.17 Safety data sheet
1.0 MB
11 Pages
Euceb Certificate 10.17 Certificate
864 KB
1 Page
RAL-Certificate 07.16 Certificate
243 KB
1 Page
Thermo-teK BD 035 07.19 Technical Datasheet
728 KB
2 Pages
Thermo-teK BD 030, 035, 180 - Novi Marof 12.17 Declaration of Performance
166 KB
13 Pages

Product application

Rectangular air ducts

Rectangular air ducts